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Solid State Relays

A Switch for the better


energy management

Pay less,

save energy

Control Systems

Temperature Control Systems such as Microwave
Ovens, Heater Control, Lamp Control
Injection Moulding Machines.

Power Supply

Our products are used for power correction and
Uninterrupted Power Supplies. Products also
used for Regulated Power Supplies.

machine tool application

Machine Tool Application such as AC/DC Motor Control,
CNC Machine - Turret Motor Control
Special Purpose Machines (SPM's).

Application Details


Our products are used for process control systems using PLCs such as Programmable Ccontrols, DCS.


Our products are used in business Machines, photo copiers, counting machines, automatic teller machines (ATM's).


Our Products are used in Incubators, x-ray machines, stability chambers, dental equipments.

Home Automation

Control of Lighting, Heating, Ventilation and Security as well as home appliances like washer/dryers, ovens, refrigators.

upcoming products

As a pioneer in India for manufacturing solid state relays we keep upgrading our existing product line and add new products meeting market requirement.
Our products also come with high quality standards meeting all the guidelines.

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